What is wingwave?

Achieve success with the wingwave method

The wingwave method is a performing and emotional coaching that quickly and tangibly reduces performance stress and increases creativity, mental fitness, and the ability to cope with conflicts. This all happens just after a few sessions. This resourceful effect is created by a basic intervention that seems very simple: the creation of ‘induced´ REM (Rapid Eye Movement) phases which we experience while sleeping and dreaming. The coach waves in front of the coachee’s eyes using rapid hand movements.

Thanks to the myostatic test,  a particularly well-researched muscle feedback tool, the exact issue is determined in advance and the effectiveness of the intervention is proven afterwards.

Areas of use and coaching context

Wingwave coaching is used successfully in business, high-performance sport, education and teaching, health, and in creative circles. The method is often combined with other effective coaching methods. Coaches see wingwave coaching as a tool in their coaching ‘toolkit’. Setting goals, coaching discussions and monitoring success are also part of wingwave. However, we do not offer any ‘free coaching session’. Instead, there is already a series of webisodes and videos available online that clearly introduce and explain the method in a practical way.

Going global and the coachfinder

Several thousand coaches in over 30 countries worldwide are using wingwave. You can find the addresses of wingwave coaches, who undertake additional training in the method every year, in the coachfinder.

Main Areas where wingwave coaching is used in working with Clients:

  1. Regulating Stress Wingwave coaching helps client to effectively regulate stress and deal with stressful situations in a work context, including team conflicts, disputes with business partners, and setbacks on the way to achieving personal goals as well as disappointments, insults, sudden unforseen events that influence the client's well-being. Wingwave coaching can also be invaluable in dealing with physical stress, also including insomnia and jetlag.
  2. Coaching for Success
    wingwave coaching builds a foundation for success for the client, including an increase of creativity, a more positive sense of self-perception, and even an increase in charisma. By strengthening the "inner team" and improving the visualization of goals, wingwave coaching provides the mental preparation for top performance. Issues such as test anxiety and stage fright can be easily dealt with through targeted wingwave coaching and transferred into complete confidence.
  3. Belief Coaching
    This is about identifying limiting beliefs (e.g. I am worthless) and turning those into resource beliefs. The client can also discover and learn how to deal with the "euphoria traps" (I can succeed at anything) that can build stress and be a formula for failure. wingwave coaching can help the client build an emotionally stable “base of belief” which will allow him/her to withstand the most challenging situations of mental stress.

Aspects of the method

wingwave coaching is a patent-registered process. It combines: