Achieve success with wingwave-coaching

Obtain peak performance through

  • Short-term success coaching
  • Effective and rapid fear and stress reduction
  • Creative dynamics by using positive emotions
  • Inner balance

To reach your personal and professional goals, use wingwave coaching, an approved short-term-coaching-concept, which combines established and well researched psychologic coaching elements. For more than ten years (since 2001) managers, artists, trainees, students, athletes, and actors have made use of the wingwave method to reach their goals, gain success and reduce stress. wingwave coaching optimizes your productivity and creative ability by stabilizing your emotional and mental balance – easing challenging and demanding situations.

wingwave and research

Research into wingwave has already been conducted in studies at the University of Hamburg, Hanover Medical School and German Sport University of Cologne. These revealed that just two hours of wingwave coaching could turn inhibitions and stage fright into confidence in public speaking and love of performance. And after just one hour of wingwave coaching it is possible to reducie persistent, limiting mental stress caused by memories of injuries and significantly increasing long-distance running speeds.

Wingwave coaching is not a psychotherapy, nor a substitute for it. As with other kinds of coaching, clients/customers must be at a normal level of mental and physical resilience. All research into wingwave coaching was performed on subjects with no mental health problems in the coaching issues.

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