Your wingwave coach is constantly training himself

Every wingwave coach is trained in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), communication psychology, psychotherapy or a similar discipline, and is a certified coach, trainer, psychotherapist, medical doctor, dentist, or alternative practitioner. wingwave is an additional tool for certified coaches and therapists and does not replace an education in coaching or therapy. Check the coach finder for coaches who are specialized in the area of your specific coaching needs. Look for keywords such as public speaking, learning difficulties, professional sports or health topics (i.e. dental treatment anxiety etc). Your wingwave coach is also trained in applying wingwave to a business and personal performance context. Our coachfinder shows every coach's area of specialization, and additional services they provide.

Performance and Presentation Coaching

Maybe you too would like an assured ‘performance balance’, in order to be able to present your performance, your opinion and yourself in a positive and convincing way. wingwave is particularly suitable for preparing for important performances such as speeches, exams, presentations and sporting competitions. wingwave has already been used successfully for this purpose at world champion level – in handball and shot put, to name just two examples. wingwave has also had successful results for many coaching clients at interviews and assessment centers.

Imaginative family constellation in individual session

Experiences within the family are the root of most behavioural patterns that influence people's lives as adults. These limiting patterns not only have a negative impact on one's general outlook on life, but can also interfere in all areas of one's 'performance in life', i.e. successful achievement of career goals, relationships, and everything else.

In a coaching session, held only on an individual basis, the client is asked to 'visualize his whole family' within their imagination. In doing so, family and personal patterns, from the obvious to the more obscure, will emerge during the session. The patterns which are revealed often hold the key to why one has 'fallen short' of succeeding in specific areas of life, ranging from the smallest of objectives to the biggest of dreams one wants to fulfil.

The results of targeted wingwave coaching can have rapid and surprising effects including greatly boosted self-esteem, a deeper ability to trust, more courage and increased joy of life. These newly empowered resources will from this point on define your way of living, and positively influence your performance in all contexts.

Imaginative organisational constellation in individual session

Together with your coach, you will create a constellation regarding a topic that you want to work on, or improve. This could be in regards to your work place, your health, your attitude towards money, success, or anything else. This constellation can be set up out in your imagination alone, with representatives, or with the use of objects symbolizing your "issue".

In this type of systemic work, your coach assists you in discovering how a particular issue influences your life, specifically and in general. Targeted wingwave coaching will assist you in gaining the necessary emotional stability to deal with any given challenge, in a more grounded and resourceful manner in the future. In most cases this type of coaching leads to surprising results in several life contexts. You may experience a brand new optimism, and the ability to create more clearly defined, goal-oriented actions. You may find to have a level of inner strength you previously could not access, in dealing with stressful situations and conflicts. Also, greater confidence and clarity in decision-making is frequently achieved as well.


Our ability to perform well depends a great deal on whether we can actually live our goals and dreams in a balanced way. People who are exclusively career-driven can experience a degree of emptiness, or loneliness, which ultimately impacts their performance. Those who are solely focused on family and are 'missing out' on professional involvement and success, can often feel restless and incomplete, causing emotional strain on the family life. And for many others, it's about one day waking up and altogether realizing, that in the name of 'playing it safe', much of their life has passed them by, and they regret not having taken more risks in order to fulfill some, or even most, of their dreams. wingwave-coaching enables you to 'pull out the stops', so you can achieve and integrate ALL your goals in a practical, realistic way. The wingwave method, through very precise, targeted coaching, helps you, and also teaches you, to 'help yourself' in staying on top of your game.


We all know "time" in terms of past, present and future, and everyone experiences their life in those terms. Everything we think about or experience we reference through our inner "timeline" of past, present and future.

Your wingwave coach will help you to analyze your timeline for goals you wish to achieve, in terms of what may be going on "in the past" that is impeding you in the present. Can you see the sequential steps you need to take in order to create success? Is the path to achieving your goals "free and clear" or does something stand in your way, repeatedly tripping you up? The answer lies in identifying the obstacles, and then together with your coach, clearing and processing whatever is "in your way", efficiently and with minimal stress. wingwave also gives you simple and powerful tools to easily access your inner resources: strength, clarity, calm, emotional balance. An overall balanced state of mind, body and emotions is 100% conducive to having confidence and the ability to take clear, decisive action. During your coaching session, you will set up an actual timeline for your goal(s), which will be physically drawn out, so you can literally see and experience with all your senses, what the achievement of your goal "looks like". This way, you can plan and put your goals into practice based on how your brain actually works.

Health Coaching

Goal-oriented professionals in demanding work environments don't often listen to the signals their bodies are sending them. In addition to already existing stress factors, many suffer from fatigue, lack of exercise, an unhealthy diet, back problems, etc. No one can get out of his/her body, and when the body reaches a certain crisis point, this automatically affects one's capabilities and performance. The ability to deal with stress can decrease dramatically, and is often replaced by further unhealthy habits to artificially boost energy, such as too much caffeine, sugar, drugs, etc. Using wingwave techniques, your coach will effectively address this type of imbalance. You will be able to 'start all over' by re-orienting your body /mind into a more self-empowering and self-renewing pattern. You will be prepared to face any challenge, and to maintain a stress-free body and mind in the process. Your coach will assist you in clearly choosing and defining positive beliefs, to create the quality of life you desire, the success you aim for, and also the ability to 'age well', by maintaining good health.


Your coach will help you come up with healthy beliefs regarding quality of life, success and work. You will therefore go through what is known as the "Workplace Check" – beginning with the journey to work, before moving on to contact with different people within the company, then onto contact with the tools you need to work, such as the phone, the PC or the ladle. The motto of Work-Health-Balance is: "Active balance – at the heart of life". This type of coaching makes the working day easier, more creative and more relaxed from the very beginning and you can draw energy from a building sense of self-motivation. This means that you do not have to use your free time just to relax. You can also use it to actively explore your passions and interests.

Energetic Psychology

Lack of energy is also frequently a side effect of emotional blockage. Here, your coach will assist you in overcoming emotional blocks that keep you from fully attending to your personal needs, as well as living up to your overall potential. When your physical, vital energy is freed up and your brain is sharp, it's more effortless to be resourceful and utilize all your strengths. In this state, it's easier to exercise your 'will' to handle stress and related health issues. Energy balancing methods include EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), psycho-kinesiology, EMDR, and acupuncture. wingwave coaching can be perfectly combined with all these approaches.

Sports Coaching

There are good reasons to practice a sport: health, attractiveness, fun, shared experience, social and financial success, and brain fitness. The goal of wingwave-sports coaching is to transform stress into an exercise fun. The increase of positive emotions serves as a motivation concept for leisure and professional sports. Your wingwave-coach supports you with psychological and neurobiological know-how as well as targeted stress and emotion management. The coaching starts with the processing of stress memory, followed by the anchoring of positive experiences. A good example everyone remembers is the “command“ to sit still in class, which, as a first step, must be neutralized. The coaching then focuses on the resourceful “emotional charge“ as well as the motivation through “top value“ and “belief coaching“. Not only does wingwave-sports coaching improve performance by reducing stress. A coach can also be supportive in times of injury or resolve mental blocks occuring during competition. Often, sporting success is linked to physical and mental health, connecting the coaching with medical support in numerous cases. For us, it is important to pick up your sporting desire and to fulfill it by optimizing your individual performance ability.

Provocative Coaching

Your wingwave coach combines the procedure by disrupting patterns of thought, feeling and behaviour. This is done through "loving" provocations that lead particularly quickly to a surprisingly effective release from limiting automatic processes in inner "programs" in many people. In this instance, humour and brand new perspectives are often the "solutions shortcut". Provocative Coaching requires a particularly good training in the art of conversation and a way with words. Your wingwave coach is trained specifically in these targeted communication manoeuvres. 

Rhetorical fitness and ready answers

When people don't know how to carry on in a conversation or discussion, they often say "I can't find the words" or "the cat's got my tongue". Your wingwave coach has become skilled in rhetorical expertise and creative ways with so-called ‘killer phrases’ and combines this way with words with the wingwave method, to ensure that you are no longer standing there dumbfounded, but are able to give a ready, creative or witty answer and hold an argument. You will also receive valuable inspiration for your own verbal confidence in demanding conversations.

Neurolinguistisc Coaching – language works wonders!

Our ability to think and act and our potential for feeling are some of our greatest treasures. These jewels are encoded in our neurobiology in the form of sentences and words. This also includes the "language resumé"" – words that have become loaded with emotions and physical sensations through our learning background. In Neurolinguistic Coaching, the coach works with their coachee's "stop" words and with "go words" that epitomise resourceful expression of your inner worth and ensure that you can express your inner potential.

Ressource management

Joy, courage, patience, confidence, optimism, fun, humour: In resource coaching, coachees are specifically and precisely put in touch with their inner sources of energy for a positive and self-actualising subjective experience. Value coaching, the "social future panorama" and a person"s "resource timeline" are used. Above all, the wingwave coaches are experts in modelling formats for inspiring one"s own personality through resourceful role models. The activated positive emotions are specifically interwoven with various life contexts and the coachee learns self-coaching techniques in order to be able to call upon their resources with confidence, for example through "embodiment techniques", the use of physical movement patterns to activate a positive filter of experiences.

Burnout prevention – euphoria management

Many people "burn" with passion for what they do and forget to take care of their health. They overburden their energies – not just with an excessive zeal for work, but by failing to relax even in their free time: frenzied consumption, the media maelstrom, stock market fever and excessive eating and drinking prevent relaxation and the body from being able to regenerate itself. "Euphoria management" with wingwave leads to inner peace and contentment – the "power of temptation" from outside is debunked – so that the "flow" of positive feelings only comes from deep within. 

Change management

This specialism is dedicated to the "puzzle of change: why don't people change – even though it does them good?" With the motto "Change the Change", your wingwave coach uses coaching tools that enable a positive change dynamic in individuals and systems. These include: work on beliefs, emotion management for all phases of change, expanded timeline work and coaching fusion and change processes in companies using roleplay. Your coach also passes on neurobiological expertise on the learning potential of the adult brain.

Coaching for Children and Young People

Many people "burn" with passion for what they do and forget to take care of their health. They overburden their energies – not just with an excessive zeal for work, but by failing to relax even in their free time: frenzied consumption, the media maelstrom, stock market fever and excessive eating and drinking prevent relaxation and the body from being able to regenerate itself. "Euphoria management" with wingwave leads to inner peace and contentment – the "power of temptation" from outside is debunked – so that the "flow" of positive feelings only comes from deep within. 

Intercultural Skills

Today, many people work in multinational companies, have neighbours with a different cultural background or want to live, work or simply go on holiday abroad. Intercultural coaching helps overcome "the stress of foreignness", learning a new language, dealing resourcefully with other customs, conventions and non-verbal patterns – for example, shaking your head, which in India means "yes", not "no". In this way, wingwave makes it possible on an emotional level to connect with people from other cultural environments in an interesting, exciting and, most of all, rewarding way.

Conflict management: Individual, couple, family and team coaching

Disputes and unfairness leave people feeling "damaged" not only with regard to the specific issue, but emotionally, too.  Which makes it all the more important to specifically break down these mental barriers to emotions, so that coachees can find their way to back to inner balance and become adept at negotiating. Your coach offers emotion management for conflict with individuals, teams and families, constructive communications models through the use of targeted meta language and the inclusion of non-verbal messages in conflict solution Families, couples and teams can also sign up for coaching.

Magic Words

“Words are the mightiest drug used by humans!” (Rudyard Kipling)

Think of a self-coaching topic: a lecture, an upcoming conversation, clearing the desk, a sporting activity. If the topic initially causes a feeling of stress, pick two words from the Stress Words List which best describe the unpleasant feeling of stress, and click on them. If you feel OK with your topic, move on to item three. Now move to the list of „Positive Words“: how would you prefer to feel when handling this topic, how would you prefer to experience the world, or react? Pick out three words which best describe your desired status in connection with this topic.