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Sprint study

The effect of wingwave-Coaching on sport performance

Zammit, Nina (2019). The effect of wingwave-Coaching on sport performance. Bachelor Dissertation. German Sport University Cologne.

As part of her diploma thesis, Nina Zammit conducted a study on the application and effectiveness of Wingwave coaching for performance improvement.

She compared the performance of an experimental group of sports students in a 30-meter sprint before and after wingwave coaching with the performance of an uncoached control group. Sprint times were measured twice in both groups over a one-week period and differences within and between the groups were analyzed. The results of this study show a significant improvement in the average time and the slower sprint time of the experimental group. In comparison, the control group showed a minimal deterioration of the average sprint time between the first and second sprint session.

The results show that wingwave coaching can be used effectively in sports with minimal time expenditure.