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wingwave coaching: accurate and efficient

The wingwave method is particularly useful for quickly dismantling mental hurdles and/or performance-limiting negative beliefs and (performance) stress. This special form of short-term coaching also helps boost creativity and self-motivation as well as physical performance. The method was developed in 2001 by qualified psychologists and psychotherapists Cora Besser-Siegmund and Harry Siegmund. 
The short-term coaching method is now practised by over a thousand coaches and around 70 teaching trainers worldwide in over thirty countries. The BESSER-SIEGMUND-INSTITUT is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 for the following area: Performing and designing training and further training and individual coaching. 

In recent years, research projects have taken place at German universities (University of Hamburg, Hanover Medical School and German Sports University Cologne) which showed wingwave coaching to have a statistically significant positive impact on exam stress and stage fright. At the Institute for Cognitive and Sporting Research at the German Sports University Cologne, the neurobiological effects of the muscle text as an effective predictive tool in the coaching process were also confirmed.

If you would like to report on wingwave, we can always draw upon interesting case studies for a specific issue through our network. The coaches from the Besser-Siegmund-Institut and other wingwave coaches are also happy to demonstrate wingwave for you in a coaching taster session. 

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