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wingwave in the print media

Published press releases about wingwave coaching can be read, downloaded and printed as PDFs here. You will need a PDF reader to do this. Here you can download the latest Acrobat Reader or FoxIt Reader free of charge.

Coaching - Food Cravings

What drives us - Shares, chocolates and the trauma paradox

by Cora Besser-Siegmund in Communication & Seminar

Wingwave and hypnosis in the dental practice

by Dirk Reißmann in Prisma 6622DZzH

Wave away the Food Cravings

by Doris Litz, in Rhein-Zeitung vom 16. April 2005

Shares, chocolates and the "trauma paradox

by Cora Besser-Siegmund, in Kommunikation und Seminar 04/2012

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