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Coaching - Sports

How Wingwave helped to get into the World Championship Final

by Karin M. Erdtmann on 04.02.07 in Kölner Stadtanzeiger

Using the wingwave® Method of Aural Stimulations Through Music for Stress Reduction and Performance Improvement: An Exploratory Study

by Frank Weiland, Karsten Schul, and Stefanie Klatt in German Sport University Cologne

Reducing anxiety and enhancing physical performance by using an advanced version of EMDR: a pilot study

by Marco Rathschlag & Daniel Memmert, by Sport University Cologne

Using the (super-)powers of the body - Selfcoaching with NeuroResources

By, Cora Besser-Siegmund, in managerSeminare  April 2021

Simply wipe away the bad - Golfing

by Martina Goy, in Welt am sonntag, July 28th 2013

wingwave and sports hypnosis - Achieve peak performance through mental preparation

by Wolfgang Altheide in sport:zeit

Successes to wonder - wingwave coaching with handball players

by by Günter D. Klein, in handball training DHB - Zeitschrift für Übungsleiter und Trainer aller Leistungsklassen Ausgabe 5+6, Juni 2009

Effects of wingwave® on athletes’ wellbeing and fluidity of gaze behavior

by Frank Peter Gadso Weiland*, Benjamin Noël and Stefanie Klatt, in 2023 Frontiers in Psychology

Wingwave Rapid help for mental blockages

by Annette Lübbers in Bio 2013

Bella - Dancing can work wonders

by Cora Besser-Siegmund, published in Bella 2018

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