Quality circle

Upon successful completion and signing of the wingwave-coach-contract, the training participant will be a member of the wingwave quality circle of the Besser-Siegmund-Institut GmbH as a coach. The wingwave-coach will make the request for registration of the participant on the homepage of the organizer immediately available to the Besser-Siegmund-Institut GmbH. To the extent requested, a link to the homepage of the coach will be provided. The membership of the quality circle is limited to the calendar year, in which training was absolved. Should the last day of the seminar be a day after the 1st of October of that year, the membership will continue until the end of the following year. It will be automatically extended annually, unless the coach does not give written notice of termination by 30th November of the same year. Notices of termination will be accepted by e-mail or by ordinary mail.


Further benefits from the wingwave quality circle

  • publishing of address on the homepage (incl. coach-profile) with link to homepage and e-mail address of coach.
  • participation in the once annually held international supervision meeting of all wingwave-coaches for a discounted price and/or downloading all conference transcripts hitherto available.
  • use of the internal coach-area in the wingwave-homepage with many valuable materials and extensive powerpoint-presentation in different languages 
  • a customised quality seal to use on your own web presence and advertising 
  • special offers on the purchase of wingwave CDs and DVDs, participation in a sales partner programme in the online shop (affiliate programme).
  • opportunity to order advertising material with free space for imprint of own stamp.

Notice of termination of the wingwave quality circle may be given annually until 30th November with effectiveness from the 1st January of the following calendar year. Notices of termination sent by e-mail will also be accepted.