Training course content

ISO-Zertifizierung 29993

With its ISO certification 29993, the wingwave training is an educational service tested according to international standards.

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The four-day training to become a wingwave coach is aimed at professional trainers, therapists and coaches. It is a module which complements your completed training in NLP, communication psychology, psychotherapy or similar qualifications.

Wingwave training is neither a therapy nor a substitute for it, but professional self-awareness and development. Participation in the course requires a normal level of mental and physical resilience.

The content

The content of the training is about the wingwave method, as described in the new book by qualified psychologists and founders of the method, Cora Besser-Siegmund and Harry Siegmund: "wingwave-Coaching: Like the Beat of a Butterfly's Wings" (2019), and on this website under the heading "Coaching".

The number of participants in training is limited to 12 participants per teaching wingwave trainer (max. 24 participants). Instead of a trainer team, a single trainer can also offer learning support from trained wingwave coaches, where the presence of a second trainer is replaced by at least two assistant wingwave coaches.