wingwave Coaching Congress 2024

wingwave and epigenetics & luck (happiness)

Transgenerational resources: epigenetics and luck

The international wingwave Coaching Congress for trained wingwave coaches will once again take place at the Hotel Hafen Hamburg on the first weekend in November, from November 2 - 3, 2024:

In 2024, the Congress is dedicated to the topic "Epigenetics and luck - Transgenerational Resources"!

Based on flexible genes, we not only "inherit" the traumatic stress of previous generations, but also traumatic growth, resources, creativity and resilience that has been proven over thousands of years.

There is an introduction to the scientific principles of epigenetics and happiness research, many examples of transgenerational resources and the use of these sources of strength with the possibilities of wingwave coaching. If this is successful, we can speak of "happiness", because according to happiness research, particularly strong feelings of happiness arise when people have "succeeded" at something.

The first day of the congress is intended as a "taster" - those who attend both days will receive credit for the congress as an in-depth seminar for the Advanced Coach and MasterCoach degrees for wingwave coaches.

Present and hybrid at the Hotel Hafen Hamburg

Once again this year, you can choose between attending the congress in person or online. However, we recommend attending in person - or you can ask friends or colleagues if anyone would like to take part as a client on site. This is because the myostatic test is very important for this topic in particular - there have been many positive surprises when a topic has something to do with your great-grandmother, for example - and you can only find this out with the test.

As in previous years, the wingwave coaching congress will take place in the Hotel Hafen Hamburg with its wonderful view of the Elbe and will be broadcast online. Once again this year, we will be working in smaller groups, learning with and from each other and exchanging ideas to further internalize the in-depth topic of "Epigenetics and luck"!

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The speakers, lecturers and teaching trainers are scheduled to arrive "live" and will be filmed by a professional camera team - so the online participants stay at home, but are with us in Hamburg at the same time!

Speakers "Transgenerational resources - epigenetics and luck"

Dipl.-Psych. Cora Besser-Siegmund and Harry Siegmund

2 - 3 November 2024: Program and moderation

Business psychologist Lola A. Siegmund

2 - 3 November 2024: Program and moderation

Dr. Peter Spork

... is a biologist and anthropologist, science journalist and book author, including the title "Health is no coincidence - how life shapes our genes". He has been an expert on the subject of "epigenetics" for many years and advocates a redefinition of the concept of health based on the latest findings of gene regulation research. According to him, health is a permanent process that transcends generations and not the opposite or the absence of illness. Spork also calls for a new biology of heredity.

Image by Thomas Duffé

Karin C. Schmidt

... is a wingwave trainer, NLC coach and trainer for tapping acupressure and has been working as a business and mental coach for over 25 years.
She is the owner of "SKE SchmidtKommunikationsEntwicklung" in Berlin and, together with her husband, gives seminars on soft skills, leadership and performance skills. Together with the speaker Hannelore Bettenhäuser-Eschwe, she developed the wingwave in-depth seminar "Transgenerational imprinting".

Come-Together-Event on 02.11.2024

On Saturday, 02.11.24, after the "Come Together Event" (20.00 - 22.00), we will once again be celebrating our legendary wingwave party (22.00 - 01.00)

Gala dinner

First you will be welcomed with a drink and take a seat in the beautiful atmosphere of the glass dome of the Hotel Hafen Hamburg. In addition to a delicious buffet, there will be time for networking and socializing. Every year we also book a great live act to make the evening an unforgettable experience!


Then it continues with a legendary party, where a live DJ accompanies us as we dance the night away!hen it's on to a legendary party where a live DJ joins us for some happy dancing!

Impressions from the International Coaching Congress

wingwave Coaching Award 2024

Auch dieses Jahr vergeben wir wieder einen wingwave Coaching Award zum Thema
wingwave und Epigenetik & Glück“.

Alle Informationen gibt es hier.